Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009: Where The Executive Jobs Will Be

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and more are yet to come but in 2009, enterprising executive job hunters will find opportunities in places others have ignored.

That’s in spite of the fact that the Bureau of Labor says that over 23 million or 14.4% of the labor force is out of work.

That staggering number is arrived at by adding the 10.3 million officially unemployed to what’s called the Hidden Unemployment Market comprised of the 7.3 million who are working part time because they can’t find a full-time job and the 5.4 million people who want to work but have been out so long that they’ve simply stopped looking.

That’s 23 million people and all indicators are that number will rise dramatically in the weeks and months ahead.

Problems bring possibilities

Yet paradoxically that upheaval creates new jobs to deal with the crisis while at the same time fledgling industries are being spawned and old ones are about to be revitalized.

So, if you’re out of work or concerned about the security of your job, here are some possibilities to think about.

Not all firings are driven by economics. Times like these encourage employers to discard “dead wood” along with those they’re truly sorry to see go.

As a result, 2009 will see a war for top talent as companies seek out the best & brightest to guide them out of the current mess. If you’re on the A-list and can really contribute to a firm’s profitability, then aggressively pursue top flight companies even if the words Hiring Freeze are plastered all over their web sites.

Follow the money

All indications are the government is going to be among the employers of choice, either directly or through companies they are about to fund and industries they are about to create. Infrastructure rehabilitation, renewable energy alternatives, smart power grids and other government funded initiatives will not only create more jobs they will create brand new job categories as companies will seek out infrastructure and energy analysts, directors and architects.

Stay abreast of the trends

They say necessity is the mother of invention and one of the most inventive approaches to help contact-seeking job hunters has been the rise of social and business networking sites like Facebook and Linked-In. And you can bet there will be more as the space gets divided into further industry and functional niches that will create new jobs at both the providers of these services and the staffing, marketing, funding and corporate users they attract.

Dig through the rubble

This ever-deepening recession is creating opportunities of its own. While hiring of many traditional financial service positions may never return to pre 2008 levels a whole new batch of positions are expanding as the “Street” tries to reinvent itself and workout specialists, turnaround experts, restructuring officers and the like are being aggressively searched for to deal with the crisis.

Know the safe havens

For quite some time both healthcare and to a lesser degree education have been areas of employment growth. 2009 will continue that trend as will services geared toward our graying population, the anticipated increase in regulatory requirements, an ongoing effort to monetize Internet offerings and within functional areas like technology and finance.

Put on your thinking cap - be innovative, concentrate on areas of growth and need and absolutely look outside of the box to discover where the jobs will be in '09.

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Anonymous said...

You mention that education has been an area of employment growth, but just today, Syracuse University announced they would be laying off 48 employees, I know other schools have already done the same. Unfortunately, it appears that no industry is safe in these times.



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