Friday, September 26, 2008

Get Out Of The Outplacement Office

Outplacement offices are already filled with nervous executives from the financial sector. And more are coming.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Company has seized the assets of the nation’s largest Savings & Loan, Washington Mutual, and sold their deposits and branches to JPMorgan Chase. The folks at WaMu are in for a tough weekend.

And that announcement came about the same time the networks were informing listeners that the much anticipated bailout plan offered by Treasury Secretary Paulson had stalled amid political infighting between members of Congress.

While the ramifications of these latest announcements have yet to unfold, its effect upon the psyche of Wall Street workers is clear. They’re starting to freak out.

And, as their numbers mount, those out of work are really feeling the heat.

What can these anxious job seekers do to enhance their chances?

Feet on the street

As every good sales professional knows – you’ve got to be in the field. This is no time to be sitting at a desk in an outplacement office. It's counterproductive.

Attend as many events and meet as many people as you possibly can. This is the perfect time to go to all those conferences, seminars and professional presentations you never had time for.

Meet and greet

It’s also a time to renew old acquaintances and foster new ones. One of the few benefits of job hunting is having the opportunity to initiate, develop and reinforce valuable connections.

Take advantage of it and meet people in person. Not over the phone or via email. Make a lasting and positive impression. While these new connections may not be able to help you today, they may do so tomorrow.

Count your effectiveness by the number of meetings attended and leads generated on a daily basis.

Get enough of those and your job search will be brief – or at least briefer.

Persistence pays

This job market demands high activity. Those that put in the effort and keep pushing forward will have the best chance to reap the greatest rewards.

I’m not saying this is an easy marketplace. Far from it. It’s tough and demands a level of persistence that's not always easy to muster during difficult times.

But there are current opportunities out there and there will be others down the road. They'll come from the people you meet. The more face time, the better your chances.

So be out there ... be active ... be visible ... "press flesh" ... just don't sit.

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