Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Career "Truthiness"

As mentioned before, when it comes to career success … some things never change.

Continuing with some basic career truths:

4. Work/Life Balance … Quality, not quantity, counts

You hear a lot about how important work/life balance is and how difficult it is for busy execs to maintain it.

That depends on how it’s defined. If it’s an equal amount of hours in each of the four important areas of your life, you’re doomed to frustration. But if seen as striving for as much achievement and enjoyment as you can possibly get from work, family, friends and self, then work/life balance is in your grasp.

Dismiss those neat formulas that allocate specific hours for each quadrant of your life and read how to get the most out of each that you can.

5. Being Your Own Boss … Getting work is harder than doing it

At some point, almost every executive contemplates working for himself or herself. The dream of being one’s own boss can be intoxicating … no answering to others, calling all the shots, doing it your way. It’s the ideal way to make a living.

It comes with a hitch.

Many successful leaders think that the keys to entrepreneurship are skill, acumen and competency. But that’s only half of it. Read about how the real key is the ability to first generate the business, and then deliver excellent results.

You may be very good at what you do and temperamentally suited to handling the pressures associated with business ownership, but if you can’t bring in the business … it won’t matter.

6. Executive Network … Stay tuned in

A solid network is a career lifeline, and along with the ability to pyramid contacts, it’s the optimal mechanism for finding senior-level positions.

Unfortunately, too many execs wait to develop or polish them only when their jobs are in jeopardy or actually lost, often resulting in “network failure.”

Networks produce desired career results only when they’ve been established over time and properly managed. Read how skillful executives get the most from their networks.

Next time … the truth about job security.

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