Thursday, August 28, 2008

Career "Truthiness": Job Security

Is job security a myth? Or a reality?

The quick answer: A myth if you depend upon your employer. A reality if you depend on yourself.

Make “personal career time” a priority

Savvy executives know, that depending on their age, the odds of being fired are high and grow higher every day. Preparing for the inevitable is plain common sense.

Building your network and actively managing your career … at all times and at all stages … is the most important “must-do” throughout your work life. That’s what permits you to seamlessly go on to the next job when your current job ends. And allows you to put any job in its proper perspective.

Do-it-yourself career project for Labor Day

Have a few hours to spare during the upcoming long weekend? That’s all the personal career time you need to:

1. Make sure all your contacts are listed in an easy to use database
2. Flag contacts for a “touch base” during Q4
3. Identify the search firms critical to your function and industry
4. Flag selected recruiters for a “touch base” before year end
5. Bring yourself up-to-date re industry and functional knowledge
6. Resolve to keep eyes and ears open for firms that might find you valuable

Career confidence trumps uncertainty

No matter how well you’ve been performing or how safe your current position feels, market forces out of your control can often dictate whether you’ll have a job or not. Just ask the thousands of former Wall Street key contributors or the automotive, housing or airline executives who have lost their jobs.

Maintaining a steady income and ensuring employment is not the responsibility of any company. It’s yours. In today’s rapidly changing world, it’s up to you to plan and prepare for unforeseen career circumstances and be ready to get into high gear at a moment’s notice.

The final career truth: Job security is the ability to get another job.

Enjoy the holiday!

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