Friday, May 16, 2008

Executive Presence On Day One

Used to be that if you heard the term “on-boarding,” someone was leaving on a plane, train or ship.

Today, on-boarding has become part of the corporate lexicon and refers to the first 90 days spent in a job. For a newly hired exec, it’s the best time to establish the image of “executive presence.”

As the saying goes, “You only get one chance to make a good first impression.”

How you act and react during the on-boarding phase is critical. You will be observed and evaluated up, down and sideways. And, as any executive coach knows, it’s a lot easier to set a positive tone from inception than it is to try and change perceptions later on.

A new position gives you a golden opportunity to shine. Observe what’s going on around you, assess the situation, adjust your objectives, determine your needs and draft a plan to meet them … before taking any actions.

And right from the start, show executive presence by being the leader others want you to be.

  • Honest … maintain candor. Constructively deliver both positive and difficult messages.
  • Open … don’t pre-judge. Your objective is to listen, learn and understand the views of others.
  • Confident … a calm “comfortable in your skin” attitude. Never an arrogant “I told you so” stance.
  • Thoughtful and thorough … always reflect and contemplate. Don’t “shoot from the hip.”
  • Energetic and enthusiastic … a “can-do” attitude at all times.
  • Consistent … be predictable. Follow through. People react poorly to mixed reactions.
  • Accessible and interested … personally engage with all your coworkers.

The journey one takes in a new job begins on day one and those with executive presence travel the furthest.

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Anonymous said...

We fully agree with Michael. In our newly released book on perception management and executive presence, "Seeing Yourself As Others Do - Authentic Executive Presence At Any Stage Of Your Career" (Significant Pursuit Press), we describe how to implement seven specific behaviors to achieve the elusive concept of executive presence. After 21 years of leadership communications coaching, we know that for the vast majority of professionals, executive presence is not innate - it is a set of well executive, learned behaviors. Those who demonstrate it started working on it early in their careers.

You don't get to vote on your perception, but you can manage it! Well done, Michael!

Carol Keers and Thomas Mungavan, authors, "Seeing Yourself As Others Do - Authentic Executive Presence At Any Stage Of Your Career".



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